WUCTWashington University in St. Louis Chemistry Tournament (St. Louis, MO)
WUCTWorld Union of Catholic Teachers
WUCTWestlake United Church Trust (Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa)
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Gogrial is a mono-ethnic area, although the new state has attempted to co-opt local divisions of wuct into administrative structures.
This small village is also referred to as the border between the wuct Apuk and Aguok.
Places that were the borders between wuct are now also administrative borders.
Manar is also the border between two wuct of Rek Dinka--the Monyjooc section of the Kuac sub-tribe and the Ajak section of the Aguok sub-tribe.
The colonial government and the GoSS have attempted to align these units with the territories of wuct. But, as we can see, recent administrative divisions have not involved simply imposing a border where there was no sense of a border before.
The GoSS's use of wuct has been partly an attempt to gain local legitimacy and partly a reflection of local demands to have different wuct represented within the administration.
1947)--reveal something about the nature of the colonial engagement with, and use of, wuct. The first map (Figure 1), included in an article by ADC Titherington, is among the first administrative maps of Gogrial to be drawn (Titherington 1927: 205).
Compare this with the second map (Figure 2), drawn in a notebook by Godfrey Lienhardt from contemporary local administrative files, which shows the areas of these wuct in the late 1940s.
It is not only a government map; it is simultaneously part of the construction of Lienhardt's anthropological knowledge about wuct. Lienhardt's field notes show that he based much of his understanding on conversations with Chief Giir Thiik (and other chiefs).