WUEWestern Undergraduate Exchange
WUEWater Use Efficiency
WUEWindows Ultimate Extras
WUEWindows User Experience
WUEWesley Uniting Employment (employment agency; Australia)
WUEWeb User Edit (Microsoft)
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During the argument, Wue grabbed a scissor from the office and attacked Wang.
The research--which was conducted in partnership with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and a network of 16 regional grower groups--measured the factors that influence WUE and investigated what management practices would lead to an increase in WUE, with impressive results.
Treatments A Gs Ci E WUE BRS 24.16d 1.37b 307.8e 11.23b 2.30b Querencia Embrapa 130 23.63d 0.88d 313.9d 8.74d 2.35b IRGA 421 15.19e 0.84d 343.6a 8.36d 2.01c Koshihikari 24.08d 1.09c 327.3c 9.97c 2.28b BRS Pampa 33.13a 1.41b 323.5c 14.13a 2.35b IRGA 430 23.38d 1.22c 329.3c 10.92b 2.08c BRS Taim 26.11c 1.27c 334.2b 10.75b 2.12c IAS Formosa 26.22c 0.63e 306.6e 9.84c 2.77a IRGA 422 28.14b 1.21c 325.0c 11.59b 2.37b IRGA 428 28.07b 1.61a 326.7c 12.18b 2.18c General mean 25.23 1.15 323.76 10.76 2.28 CV (%) 5.01 4.21 0.87 8.65 2.43 Mean values (n = 30) obtained for shoot dry matter and 2nd reading (at 93 days after transplant) of the physiological variables (soil experiment) evaluated in 10 cultivars of irrigated rice under greenhouse conditions.
It may be concluded previous crop nitrogen and RTP pattern can improve population structure, increase the yield and WUE of summer maize and thus is a promising method for farmers in North China.
C[O.sub.2]induced stomatal closure can also result in other environmental and economic benefits, such as improvement in WUE. This is particularly beneficial in view of the growing demand for water in urban areas, which will likely lead to declining availability of irrigation water for agriculture.
PUEa * iel = PUEw * iel + WUE * iwtr + WD * id, where PUEa and PUEw correspond to those of the facilities with air cooled and water cooled chillers respectively.
This study was carried out at the Werer Research Center with the objectives to identify the level of deficit irrigation with the combination of application methods that allow achieving optimum sesame yield and its relation with WUE to develop effective water techniques for the efficient use of irrigation water in irrigated agriculture as a means of water-saving strategies under semiarid conditions.
Using the LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System [24], instantaneous rates of photosynthesis (A) and transpiration (E), along with the corresponding intercellular C[O.sub.2] concentration (Ci), [g.sub.s], and WUE were measured.