WUFFWake-Up Frame Filter (computing)
WUFFWisconsin United for Furry Friends (animal welfare; Madison, WI)
WUFFWilmington Ultimate Frisbee Federation (Wilmington, NC)
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HAYDOCK: 12.20 Saphir River, 12.55 Benvolio, 1.30 Gevrey Chambertin, 2.05 Un Temps Pour Tout, 2.40 Melodic Rendezvous, 3.15 Katenko, 3.50 Wuff. LINGFIELD: 12.15 Yourinthewill, 12.50 Too Frisky, 1.25 Lawsong, 2.00 Skinny Love, 2.35 Desert Strike, 3.10 Agerzam, 3.45 Haaf A Sixpence, 4.15 Masterpaver.
* Dubhy pretty much keeps to himself in the evening, but a soft "Wuff" in the hallway for this hard-to-housetrain Scottie gets a well-deserved "outside" reinforcement, as does another announcement from Lucy that Scooter needs to go out.
These calls for graduate education reform have prompted a flurry of higher education research on graduate education and mentorship in the sciences (Boud and Lee; Golde; Nakamura and Shernoff; Walker et al.; Wuff and Austin).
Emotional distress in women during pregnancy has been shown to increase the risk of adverse outcomes, including post-partum depression (Anderson, Sundstrom-Poromma, Wuff, Astrom, & Bixo, 2004; Chung, Lau, Yip, Chiu, & Lee, 2001; Heron et al., 2004, Huizink, Robles de Medina, Mulder, Visser, & Buitelaar, 2003; Patel & Prince, 2006; Rahman, Bunn, Lovel, & Creed, 2007; Ferri et al., 2007).
Por ultimo, tambien nos servimos de la labor llevada a cabo por estudios como el coordinado por Van der Wuff. Se trata de un analisis de contenido comparativo de 51 diarios digitales e impresos europeos en un solo dia (VAN DER WUFF, LAUF y BALCYTIENE, 2008).
During the last years, molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP), which often utilize in solid-phase extraction, sensor, and chromatography for their potential absorptive selectivity to target molecule and the related compounds [2, 3], have also been used as synthetic materials to rebind the target analyte since 1972 when Paling's production of antibodies in vitro and Fischer's lock and key principle was described by Wuff et al., 1972.
Paddy the Scottie has wuff words with his owner Sean Daly, who says: "He tries to talk to me." Paddy also likes getting his lovely white coat trimmed and going for walks.
To noose-knot a number 12 or 14 Ausable Wuff or Cahill with fingers controlled but impatient with longing, licking the tippet at the end to seal down the cinch.