WUIEWake-up Interrupt Enable
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Additionally, we calculated the water use intrinsic efficiency as A/gs (WUIE, [micro] mol [mol.sup.-1]), and apparent carbolixilation efficiency as A/Ci (ACE,[micro]mol [L.sup.-1] > at light saturation point, where A=net C[O.sub.2] assimilation, gs=stomatal conductance, and Ci=intercellular C[O.sub.2] concentration.
The higher decreasing in photosynthetic capacity in the conventional cultivar was due to mainly non stomatal causes than stomatal ones, once AQE and ACE values showed significant reductions under water deficit and, on the other hand, WUIE was increased (P<0.05) (Table1).
Table 1 - Mean values of Apparent Quantum Efficiency (AQE), Saturation Point (Psat, [micro]mol photons [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]), Compensation Point (Pcom, [micro]mol photons [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]), Respiration (Rd, [micro]mol [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]), water use intrinsic efficiency (WUIE, [micro]mol C[O.sub.2] mol-1 H2O), apparent carboxylation efficiency (ACE,[micro]mol [micro][L.sup.-1]), Maximum C[O.sub.2] Assimilation (Amax, [micro]mol [m.sup.-2] [s.sup.-1]), Chlorophyll content index (CCI), Cellular electrolyte leakage (CEL, [micro]S), of conventional (CONV) and transgenic (RR) cultivar plants subjected to the two irrigation regimes (100% and 40%).