WUISWork Unit Information System
WUISWater Use Information System
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In accordance with the basic level protocols, EUI, ECI, WUI, and WCI of the case-study building were determined using monthly utility bills, and a subjective IEQ assessment survey was conducted with spot measurements of several IEQ-related parameters in selected places in the building.
2) The water performance metric required at the basic level is the annual total site WUI, including water consumption of a building as well as landscape.
by quantifying a priority for the WUI, attempting to protect old growth,
three-alternative baseline: Where the proposed project is in the WUI,
(200) For projects that are both within the WUI and within one and a
significant, for only rarely will the WUI ever extend beyond one and a
project within the WUI would be exempt from alternatives analysis.
(38) The wildland-urban interface, or WUI, is "[t]he line,
priority for the WUI, despite Senate testimony and calls from Senator
Over half of all WUI acreage is in southeastern states, while
Geological Survey database to determine WUI acreages noting that the
information issued by the Forest Service regarding WUI acreage was