WUJWiadomoœci Uniwersytetu Jagielloñskiego (cultural magazine, Krakow, Poland)
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These include: type OH2 horizontal models, such as HPX and PHL; type OH3 vertical in-line models, such as HWX and HWMI: types BB1-BB5 between bearing models, such as DVSH, HDX, DMX and HDO: and types VS1, VS2, VS4, VS5 and VS7 single and double-case vertically suspended models, such as WUC and WUJ.
HOLE INTERVAL WIDTH Au Ag AuEq m m g/t g/t g/t WUJ 001 31-46 15 0.
Interval Width Gold Silver Gold Equivalent (metres) (metres) (g/tonne) (g/tonne) (g/tonne) WUJ 001 31 - 46 15 0.