WUKWerkstätten und Kulturhaus (Austria)
WUKWeapon Upgrade Kit (Star Wars online gaming)
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It couldn't less an dat, We wuk de bes', an den de lan is fat; We dig de row dem eben in a line, An' keep it clean--den so it mus' look tine.
(70.) Israeli E, Grotto I, Gilburd B, Balicer RD, Goldin E, Wuk A, et al.
The datasets exhibiting mixed usages in Table 1, but which represent the strongest skew toward the deferential are Sermon 2 by Pastor Cen Byeng Wuk (dataset 8, ratio of 0.43 to 1), and Sermon 3 by Pastor Ha Yong Co (dataset 9, ratio of 0.2 to 1).
When, in the presence of a grief-stricken Tenie, the tree is run through the saw, it resists again, making the process "mighty hard wuk" (53).
NOISY OWLS: the Australian barking owl is known for its dog-like double bark, wuf wuf or wuk wuk, and is often called the winking owl.
[9.] Guspers Van Wuk CMT, Kolk AM, Van Den Bosch WJHM, Van Den Hoogen HJM.
Describing the change that comes over Mars Jeems after his restoration, Julius notes that "he tol' de han's dey neenter wuk on'y fum sun ter sun, en he cut dey tasks down so dey didn' nobody had ter stan' ober 'em wid a rawhide er a hick'ry" (67-68).
"Wuk started on place in mawnins 'bout fo' 'clock", noted Robert Young.
A brief from Equay Wuk Women's Group stated, "It is time to bring back new life into our Native communities, to take back our traditional [ways] and blend them with the technologies of today."
"Yuh wuk as yuh please an' yuh want right pay!" suggested Mohan sarcastically.
This calypso is reminiscent of Claude McKay's much earlier poem "Hard Times": De mo 'me wuk, de mo' time hard I don't how what f e do ...
This indicates their preparedness to "do di wuk" (do the work, wherein 'work' refers to hardcore sexual intercourse), a reality which must be explicitly stated in the same ways that the vagaries of intimate (sexual) activities between men and women must be shared in graphic and demonstrable language with a collectively approving audience.