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Unlike in the sugar beet campaigns, the efforts in tobacco were not marked by the involvement of the WUL or the FUL, (85) nor were they much shaped by strategic directives from the Communist Party.
We are very pleased to have successfully secured this WUL for the Project, said Mr.
The relief-camp scheme prohibited any form of organization among the men, but within a short time an organization known as the Relief Camp Workers' Union (RCWU), affiliated to the WUL, had underground "bush committees" in camps throughout the country.
Moreover, when the Comintern position changed in 1934-35, stressing the Popular Frontist appetite for "labour unity" even if it might embrace cross-class political alliances and uncritical acceptance of working-class leaders in the political and economic fields who were willing to compromise too much, the fate of the separatist WUL was sealed.
We recognized the broken TBL model early on and introduced the WUL model to a select customer base.
The cloakmakers earlier had been organized under the Industrial Union of the Needle Trades and the WUL, but, during the election campaign, were reorganized as part of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union and a collective agreement was signed with employers.
In Nova Scotia, the attempt to form a WUL mineworkers' affiliate flopped when the leading radical in the province's labour movement, CPC member J.
33) Professor Stephen Endicott suggests that perhaps the communist interviewed by Johann was not Penner at all but rather John Weir who was indeed involved in the strike, though not as its director "from the back rooms" of the Labour Temple, and that while organizer Joseph Forkin in Estevan probably requested "help of various kinds" from Winnipeg he likely did so instead from WUL headquarters.
52) WUL membership cards came embossed with the hammer and sickle and stated that membership was open only to "those subscribing to the class struggle.
The WUL was intended as a revolutionary alternative to the conventional trade union federation and was affiliated to the Red International of Labour Unions (RILU).
The WUL, however, had amassed some solid achievements in th e previous two years, and the CPC (possibly with encouragement from Buck's old RILU mentor A.