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WUMPWilderness Upgrade for Medical Professionals
WUMPWater Use Management Plan
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K decided to use the Wump lesson as a starting point, but found a real world context she felt would be more relatable to her students, namely characters from popular animated movies.
You go through pollution (had read and discussed Wump World) and what it is, but when they see it in the world, they're able to connect it.
It was this last page that I would race to each time I read The Wump World, as if each time I was looking for the reassurance that the Wump, the leaf, and I shared--the secret knowledge that something else was true, something greater and more real than the passing story of the Pollutians and their irrational dedication to industrial progress at all costs, even their own health.
Peaceful, that is, until scouts from the planet Pollutus land on the Wump World and report back to their chief that they have found a new and better world for their people.
They may claim to be Green for a few years (or a few weeks), but either they or their successors will not be satisfied with their pragmatic mug yearning for votes as a Democrat while their wump is still dragging the Green Party down.
Finding a solution seems to be a matter of trial and error, i.e., the kind of job computers were made for." He found a solution with only three non-words (all others are in Webster's Third, although PREB is an abbreviation): MANY PREB SWIG LOFT HUCK CROW LUNG PATH KEYS bfim efgh CITY KNOB WUMP LARS BUST WAKF CLEM HIRN POGY KLIP HOMS FURY abcg NEWT
The process of extending the logic of addiction leads Burroughs to describe a number of science-fiction addictions like "Mug wump jissom" and the "Black Meat" (1990, 49-51), but the bulk of the novel is focused not on imaginary addictions but on metaphorical ones.
In 1884, regulars branded them "mugwumps," redefining the Algonquin word for "chief" to mean a fence-sitting bird with its "mug" on one side and its "wump" on the other.
history, is the term once applied to a politician with his mug on one side of the fence and his wump on the other.
In Truzzi's case I am reminded of the old political sobriquet "mugwump," which is defined as a person who sits with his "mug" on one side of the fence and his "wump" on the other side.
"American Mug, Canadian Wump: Merrill Denison and Marsh Hay." CTR 89 (Winter 1996): 70-74.
Davis would have been called a "mugwump" - his mug on one side of the fence and his "wump" on the other.