WUMSWashington University Medical School (St. Louis, MO)
WUMSWisconsin-Upper Michigan System
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"Jerry and I wrote the majority of the songs for Holy Happy Hour," Schools told WUMS, "But in the process of touring, there's a lot more input from the rest of the guys in the band.
Members of the wise-use movement--or WUMs, as I will call them--would claim the word for themselves, and with it the reasonable middle ground in the resource-use debate.
The term is also applied to land value: Some WUMs believe that a decrease in land value due to environmental regulation or zoning constitutes a legal "taking" of private property under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, for which taking the landowner should be reimbursed.
Certain WUMs espouse a kind of alternative science that holds that humankind, in its infinite ingenuity, will constantly discover new resources, if only the mighty capitalist engine is allowed to fuel itself on the resources we have.
The Bush administration has also cuddled up to the WUMs. Since mid1991 the administration has proposed slashing protections for wetlands, exempting the northern spotted owl from endangered-species protection on some western timberland, and rewriting the Endangered Species Act itself to weigh "economic considerations" more heavily when deciding whether a species deserves protection.