WUOWeather Underground Organization (US terrorist group; aka weathermen)
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Motivated by the national liberation struggles that transformed the world and that shaped the emerging youth of the 1960s, WUO saw African Americans as equivalent to an oppressed nation within the US.
As such, the WUO increasingly concentrated on symbolic actions of political protest against US foreign policy.
The group's original name was the Weathermen, but this was changed to the Weather Underground (in order to prevent accusations of male chauvinism) and eventually to the WUO.
292) Despite the important contributions of feminists to WUO, both aboveground and below, there was considerable conflict within the group's membership about incorporating anti-sexism alongside anti-racism and anti-imperialism within Weather's priorities.
269) Indeed, Outlaws in America takes its narrative frame from a series of interviews with a key WUO member, David Gilbert, conducted during visiting hours in prison.
Berger's book includes backmatter helpful to the reader/researcher, including a WUO timeline, detailed notes, bibliography, and index.
In addition, the number of capable WUOs is still limited in the national level.
Systems to implement practical trainings for administrators and WUOs sustainably are established.