WUPWater Use Permit
WUPWomble Underground Press (UK)
WUPWaves Update Plan (software)
WUPWestern Upper Peninsula (Michigan, USA)
WUPWake Up Pad (Steve Farber)
WUPWood Utilisation Plan (Australia)
WUPWarm-Up Workshop
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Mayor Andy Street believes that using the RTCC during the cricket World Wup will have major advantages for residents and visitors to the region.
25/2016 on Amendment to MESDM Regulation 12/2011 on Procedures for Establishment of WUP and Information System of Mineral and Coal Mining Areas
Blood pH at arrival, after warm up (WUP), sprint 1, 3 and 5 of a 6 x 75m freestyle protocol following ingestion of either placebo (P) or caffeine (CAF) in national level swimmers (n = 9).
It bugs me more from an obedience standpoint because I am not commanding him to sit, but to simply "wup."
I w a bit seasick but wup on deck enou to enjoy the sun and watch the men going throuthe lifeboats, straighteniout the ropes and examinitheir contents.
? There was World Cup agony for England as they crashed out of the World Wup after a penalty shoot-out against Argentina.
Three high voltage safety controller commands to manage the output of high voltage: WUP, CMD1, and CMD2.
by Anke Blume, Janine Fahr and Clement Morisse, Evonik Industries Table 1-formulation Stage 1 phr NR (SMR 10) or 100 IR (Kraton IR 307) Silica 52 Silane 5.2 (VP Si 363)/ 4.16 (Si 69) NR impurity 0-5 Stearic acid 3 ZnO 3 Vulkanox 4020/LG 1 Vulkanox HS/LG 1 Protector G 3108 1 Stage 2 Batch stage 1 Sulfur 1.5 Rhenogran TBBS-80 1.2 Vulkacit D 2.6 Table 2--mixing conditions Stage 1 83, WuP GK 1.5E 0'-1' Polymers 1'- 2' 1/3 silica, ZnO, stearic acid 2'- 3' 1/3 silica, Vulkanox 4020, Vulkanox HS/LG, protector 3'- 4' 1/3 silica 4' 1st sample 4'- 5' Silane 5' 2nd sample 5'- 7' Mixing 7' 3rd sample 7'-9' Mixing 9' 4th sample 9'- 12' Mixing 12' 5th sample 12'- 17' Mixing and 6th sample Stage 2: 0 - 2'mixing of all ingredients
AU AT we wup ut AUTHORITIES in Pakistan were last night urged to step up efforts to track down the murderers of Red Cross worker Khalil Dale.
The results of the study are presented for the entire state and for four geographic subregions: the Eastern Upper Peninsula (EUP), the Western Upper Peninsula (WUP), the Northern Lower Peninsula (NLP), and the Southern Lower Peninsula (SLP).
To use a blend membrane for the IPMC actuator, blend membranes should have high water uptake (WUP), high IEC, and proper mechanical strength in dry and hydrated conditions.