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WUPSWindows Update Client Proxy Stub
WUPSWorld University Presidents Summit
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The WUP and IEC of [S.sub.1], [S.sub.2], and [S.sub.3] blend membranes and Nafion membrane are given Table 1.
Membranes Ratio Ratio Ratio Thickness IEC WUP of of of (mm) (meq./g) PVDF PSSA PVP PVDF/PSSA/PVP 60 20 20 0.18 1.25 0.37 [(S.sub.1]) PVDF/PSSA/PVP 60 15 25 0.18 1.2 0.44 [(S.sub.2]) PVDF/PSSA/PVP 50 25 25 0.18 1.4 0.46 [(S.sub.3]) Nafion -- -- -- 0.18 0.98 0.17 [FIGURE 8 OMITTED]
In addition, our proposed membranes for the IPMC have higher WUP than those of the new ion exchange membranes proposed by other research groups [9-12], excluding the membranes proposed by Han el al.
The Nafionbased IPMC actuator depicted back relaxation toward the cathode due to the lower IEC and lower WUP of the Nation membrane.
The large actuations of [S.sub.2-] and [S.sub.3-]based IPMC actuators might be due to the higher IEC and higher WUP of the blend membranes.