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WUSWindows Update Services
WUSWord Underscore
WUSWorld University Service
WUSWindows Update Service (Microsoft)
WUSWashington Union Station (Washington, DC)
WUSWake Up Screaming (rock music club; UK)
WUSWater Use Survey (Texas)
WUSWhole Unit Spare
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(n.d.) in FEDERAL WRITERS' PROJECT: SLAVE NARRATIVE PROJECT, NORTH CAROLINA, PART 2, supra note 35, at 72, 73 ("Yo' ax me iffen Mis' Betsy wus good ter us?
In addition to snowpack, rainfall represents another important predictor of streamflow in the WUS. However, because the contributions of rain-derived runoff (also called rainfall contribution, referred to as [f.sub.rain] hereafter) and of snow-derived runoff to the total runoff (also called snowpack contribution, referred to as [f.sub.snow] hereafter) are different in each area; both [f.sub.rain] and [f.sub.snow] have different contributions to streamflow.
"Only less than three months ago, Schweizer and Wus agreed on their exclusive, long-term strategic partnership, which allows us and our customers access to further HF production capacities in Asia," said Dr.
More specifically, WUS has bought stock from the Schweizer family as well as treasury shares.
In Arabidopsis, 15 WOX genes are grouped into 3 clades: group 1 containing WOX1-WOX7 and WUS; group 2 containing WOX8, WOX9, WOX11, and WOX12; group 3 containing WOX10, WOX13, and WOX14 [7, 14].
Total seed losses (%) = ((Wbs+Wus)/Wts) x 100; where Wbs = weight of broken seeds, Wus = weight of unthreshed seeds, Wts = weight of total seeds.
WUS Printed Circuit Co., Ltd.'s earnings for last quarter increased only at a single digit rate.
I was attending a conference on higher education sponsored by UNESCO from 14 to17 November and making a presentation on the "Lima Declaration on Academic Freedom" on behalf of the World University Service (WUS) in Geneva.
His humble 'I wus only apology at the time of cutting superstar Adele at the he cared more about being back.
Her heels wus up, her hed wus down, An or'nary cross-gritted critter As ever browsed around the town, And kept the women folks a-twitter, A-boostin' up the gaming rails, And browsin' on the factory bleachin', And kickin' up the milkin' pails.
He basically called me a wus so I told him to book a couple of nights somewhere and I'd see what I could do.'' As the set-list was put together, Richard realised each song prompted a story - how it came to be written, what was happening at the time etc.