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WUSMWashington University School of Medicine
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Using the ECM manual, the therapists were extensively trained by the WUSM staff in the detection of coexisting depression; reports from the CDIS-IV used to diagnose depression were discussed so that they knew how to interpret and verify the diagnostic and symptom profiles.
Fidelity to case management was monitored by WUSM staff throughout the study through review of audiotapes of the sessions and session documentation.
The WUSM article (2) and reports of two paragonimiasis cases in October 2009 prompted MDHSS, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, and the Missouri Division of Tourism to distribute posters warning against eating raw or undercooked crayfish to campers and canoe outfitters in November 2009.
Brodman's leadership, the library at WUSM began to play a national role in promoting automation in libraries.
Brodman and colleagues note in this introductory article, with a sort of backhanded optimism, that "A solution to the entire problem appears remote; nonetheless, the staff of the Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) Library felt that such steps should be undertaken as were presently possible" [14].
By the late 1970s, much of the original automation work done at the WUSM Medical Library was beginning to show its age.
Library staff members worked hand-in-hand with WUSM Medical Computing Facility programmers to establish system requirements, set priorities, and communicate technical details back to other members of the library staff.
"We play 'Cobalt Blue' extensively," said Elliott Crawford, WUSM program director.
The three task force laboratories used the same working reagent solution prepared at PBRF and shipped to CDC and WUSM at 4 [degrees]C.
All three task force laboratories used the same working reagent solution prepared at CDC and shipped to PBRF and WUSM at 4 [degrees]C.
CDC analyzed all samples in quadruplicate; WUSM and PBRF analyzed all samples in duplicate.
Cooper for valuable input and advice; Stephen Ethridge (CDC), Charlene Griffin (CDC), Dave Gibson (WUSM), Connie Ferguson (WUSM), Barbara Decepida (WUSM), Janice Goetsch (PBRF), and Edward Balle (PBRF) for able technical assistance; and Merle Holstun (CDC) for valuable assistance in data analysis.