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WUSNWireless Underground Sensor Networks
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The propagation of electromagnetic wave in wireless underground sensor network (WUSN) is very different from that of traditional wireless sensor network (WSN).
2 shows the defined distances related to the WUSN experiment.
According to WUSN, country is the nation's most-listened-to format.
(tie) WUSN 99.5-FM Drew Walker 3.9 (3.7); WXRT 93.1-FM Terri Hemmert; Marty Lennartz 3.9 (4.0)
Philadelphia Stats: 52 stations, 62% subscribers, AfroAmerican 21%, Spanish 8%, Swings + 1.8 as Rym Oldies WPHI/FM doubles its share and -- 0.7 for Country WUSN. Market Shares (newly aligned after the Beasley trade): CBS 16.1-18.0-24.9,iHeart 20.9-22.9-22.0,Greater Media 15.8-15.5-15.0,RadioOne 7.7-8.1-9.6,Jerry Lee 7.1-6.8-8.5.
CBS: Country WUSN 4.3-4.0-4.4,RymCHR WBBM/F 4.4-4.0-3.9,AA WXRT 3.0-3.3-3.2.
(tie) WBBM 780-AM/WCFS 105.9-FM Kris Kridel and Keith Johnson 4.5 (5.0); WUSN 99.5-FM Mike Kasper 4.5 (3.4)
CBS:lone Country WUSN 4.5-4.3-4.0, RymCHR WBBM/F 4.4-4.0-3.9, AA WXRT 3.1-3.0-3.3.
CBS RymCHR WBBM/F still has the #2 cume and a 4.4 share, while CBS Country partner WUSN is 4.4-4.5-4.3.
CBS lands 2nd & 4th with News WBBM/WCFS-F strong at 5.0-5.0-5.5 and Country WUSN steady at 4.4-4.4-4.5.
His prior experience also includes leadership positions with Lakeshore Communications, WFYR Radio/Chicago and WUSN Radio/Chicago.
Top 5: CBS News WBBM/WCFS tied at 5.0 with Hubbard's Hot A/C inching up 4.7-4.9-5.0, CBS follows with RymCHR WBBM jumping 3.7-3.9-4.5 with #1 cume 2.37 million , and cluster mate Country WUSN holding at 4.4.