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WUTCWashington Utilities and Transportation Commission
WUTCWestern Union Telegraph Company
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10 Port of Douglas County meeting to ask for a letter of support for the over-crossing project to be sent to Douglas County, the WUTC and BNSF.
PSE s decision to file for reconsideration provides PSE and the WUTC a process to resolve any concerns with the conditions adopted by the WUTC in its approval of the proposed agreement, said Dawn Farrell, President and CEO, TransAlta Corporation.
In addition, SE2 has agreed with the WUTC and the EFSEC to smart pig the 16-inch underground gas pipeline after construction is complete.
Parties to the settlement include NW Natural, the staff of the WUTC, the Public Counsel Section of the Washington Attorney General's Office, Northwest Industrial Gas Users, The Energy Project, and NW Energy Coalition.
As filed with the WUTC, the PSE request would annually provide an additional $174.
The transaction is expected to close during the second half of 2008, subject to approval by Puget Energy's shareholders and certain regulatory approvals, including those from the WUTC and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
Puget Energy's and PSE's headquarters will remain in Bellevue under the continued leadership of Reynolds, and the utility will continue to be subject to regulation, including that of the WUTC and the FERC.
Approval of the PCORC by the WUTC, as requested in AVA's GRC, would better align actual costs and revenues and would be a positive development for the company's creditworthiness, in Fitch's view.
On April 11, 2007, the WUTC authorized PSE to defer such costs until resolution of PSE's PCORC, filed on March 20, 2007.
In Washington, where CGC derives approximately 70% of operating margin, the WUTC has conditionally approved a partial revenue decoupling program for the effects of conservation.
This settlement is also conditional upon WUTC approval.