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WUZWestfaelisches Umwelt Zentrum (German: Westphalian Environment Center)
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"I tuck out en shin down de hill, en 'spec to steal a skift 'long de sho' som'ers 'bove de town, but dey wuz people a-stirring yit, so I hid in de ole tumble-down cooper-shop on de bank to wait for everybody to go
I 'uz hungry, but I warn't afeard; bekase I knowed ole missus en de widder wuz goin' to start to de camp- meet'n' right arter breakfas' en be gone all day, en dey knows I goes off wid de cattle 'bout daylight, so dey wouldn' 'spec to see me roun' de place, en so dey wouldn' miss me tell arter dark in de evenin'.
De men 'uz all 'way yonder in de middle, whah de lantern wuz. De river wuz a- risin', en dey wuz a good current; so I reck'n'd 'at by fo' in de mawnin' I'd be twenty-five mile down de river, en den I'd slip in jis b'fo' daylight en swim asho', en take to de woods on de Illinois side.
Well, Balum he tuck de money, en when he wuz in church he hear de preacher say dat whoever give to de po' len' to de Lord, en boun' to git his money back a hund'd times.
"But looky here, Huck, who wuz it dat 'uz killed in dat shanty ef it warn't you?"
Jacob Boller wuz his name, dad told me, an' he lived with his wife an' four children somewheres out Pennsylvania way.
Uncle Salters he kinder adopted Penn, well knowin' what his trouble wuz; an' he brought him East, an' he give him work on his farm."
Well, them two loonies scratched along till, one day, Penn's church he'd belonged to - the Moravians - found out where he wuz drifted an' layin', an' wrote to Uncle Salters.
Wuz I his mother tell he was fifteen years old, or wusn't I?-- you answer me dat.
Los Blancos felt they 'wuz robbed' and it seemed like their rivals were taking the mickey
At first I toll her she wuz taking all da stuff we learned in Esmeralda's Psychology class way too serious.
Malik IA, Khan SA, Tariq WUZ. Hepatitis C virus in Pakistani perspective: Where do we stand?