WVABCAWest Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
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In December, the WVABCA Enforcement Division piloted an app, Intellicheck Age ID, which enables field agents to scan IDs.
The WVABCA also works closely with colleges and universities, state and local law enforcement agencies, community coalitions and other organizations to promote messages centered on responsible drinking and serving.
During the 2015 fiscal year alone, the WVABCA generated $94,152,428 in retail sales and sold a total of 707,651 cases.
Building on the success of the DUI Simulator Program, the WVABCA last year launched "No School Spirits," which accepted PSA drunk-driving essays from high-school students.
To begin the process, the WVABCA collaborated with its state's central office of technology.
"Our current system is over two decades old," says Gig Robinson, spokesman for the WVABCA. "We decided to incorporate a lot of modernizations to enhance the distribution center.
At present, the WVABCA has 1,992 regular codes for fisting and 969 active special order codes, up from 1,975 and 839, respectively.
Modernization of the Distribution Center is a priority project for the WVABCA and is a contributing reason for the increased volume and sales.
All retail liquor stores now place orders on-line, promoting greater accuracy and more user-friendliness- Both stores and the general public can view all products and listings on the WVABCA's website.
The WVABCA has been re-bidding retail outlets licenses which expired on June 30, 2010.
This new approach allows the WVABCA to maintain a tighter inventory control by determining which product(s) comprise the ABCA Bailment Portfolio.