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The WVAC objected to the piece on aesthetic grounds, which was fair enough; the blue skin of the devil was one thing, but it's nightmarish, metallic blue-black clothing clashed with virtually any aesthetic imaginable.
Yet the WVAC was not without its own controversy on this front, having just initiated work, likewise without significant community input, on a somewhat uninspired mural of a blue wave--resembling, according to more than one onlooker, an ad for cola--with an equally uninspired color palette.
The company is planning a major expansion project at WVAC in 2017 that will more than double its capacity to provide heavy maintenance, component repair, and overhaul support for CRJ Series and Q Series aircraft.
A sample of the paperbark was subjected to AMS radiocarbon dating; this removed the necessity of undertaking destructive dating on any specific bone--a process the WVAC members preferred not to use.