WVCWest Valley City (Utah)
WVCWenatchee Valley College
WVCWest Valley College (Saratoga, CA)
WVCWyoming Valley Conference
WVCWindows Visual Components
WVCWeb Based Video Conferencing
WVCWireless Internet Video Camera
WVCWindows Volume Controller
WVCWestern Veterinary Conference
WVCWoodmen Valley Chapel (Colorado Springs, CO)
WVCWildlife-Vehicle Collision (government study)
WVCWorld Vision Canada
WVCWeb Video Conferencing
WVCWind Vector Cell
WVCWorld Veterinary Congress
WVCWarner Village Cinemas
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The spatial and temporal screening procedure of the ASCAT observations is performed before the admission of the ASCAT data into the HIRLAM analysis: location of each WVC is compared with the HIRLAM domain and the ASCAT observational time should fit into the time window of a given assimilation cycle.
Throughout all development and evidence-gathering phases for service-connection claims based on MST, experts in the field advise WVCs and VSRs to respond sensitively to claimants, accommodate gender preferences, offer options or choices to claimants when possible, listen empathically, explain the reasoning behind decisions, and to recognize the inherent difficulty for claimants in participating in the claims process.
WVC data are maintained in a Parks Canada database (Parks Canada Agency, unpubl.
As Pregones producing artistic director Rosalba Rolon relates it, WVC employs a merry-go-round metaphor as an organizing principle.
Going to college requires another stack of papers: a financial aid application, Worker Retraining application, unemployment verification, an application for extended unemployment benefits, an admissions application, assessment test, class schedules, buying books and photo identification, said Kristin Munn, an academic adviser at WVC.
Kevin Fairservice, Director of WVC, said, "We have used RVL for some years now, and we can personally vouch for the superb performance and reliability of their refrigerated vehicles.
2004) suggest that WVC models should be used at both the landscape and local scales during the process of road design and implementation of mitigation measures.
The Charity Commission investigated and said WVC mismanaged and misused funds and only 28 per cent of donations were spent on good causes.
Las abreviaturas que utilizare son BB (The Blue and The Brown Books) NB (Notebooks), NL (Notas sobre logica), PI (Philosophical Investigations), OC (On Certainty), PG (Philosophical Grammar), TLP (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus), WL 32 Wittgenstein's Lectures, Cambridge, 1930-1932) y WVC (Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle).
WV and WVC Series ruber injection molding machines are described in an eight-page, color brochure.
A WVC would appoint the wife of a religious leader or tribal chief as honorary head of the organization.