WVCAWest Virginia Conservation Agency
WVCAWest Virginia Coal Association
WVCAWest Virginia Commission on the Arts (West Virginia Division of Culture and History)
WVCAWallington Village Community Association (UK)
WVCAWest Virginia Consumer Advocate
WVCAWirehaired Vizsla Club of America (dog club)
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It showcases one architecture trend that WVCA is bent on pursuing as the company moves forward -- that of creating more "green" designs for the Philippines.
Delivering quality service is another hallmark of WVCA, something the company has perfected through many years of experience.
(SLLI) for instance, every project that WVCA undertakes for the company had been designed in such a way that the features and amenities are suitable and unique to the host community or province.
WVCA officials applauded the companies' efforts at two luncheons held during the conference, which convened at the Charleston Civic Center.
WVCA is known for their modern architectural designs, DCI for efficient and on-time project management, and RSCA for reliable and sturdy structural engineering.
Earl Ray Tomblin perhaps summed it up best during his State of the State presentation held during WVCA 2015 before a packed house of attendees; "We must ...
"This clearly shows how much things have changed in Charleston," said Bill Raney, president of the WVCA. "And this also shows the commitment our legislature and our governor have to taking the steps needed to begin getting our state's coal miners back to work.
The West Virginia Coal Association (WVCA) recently handed out its reclamation awards for the 2013 calendar year, including top honors to Arch Coal's Leer Mining complex with the Greenlands Award and Brooks Run Mining's Seven Pines surface mine earning the West Virginia Society of American Foresters Reforestation Award.
At its annual mining symposium, the West Virginia Coal Association (WVCA) held a luncheon at the Charleston Civic Center to honor the safest mines in the state with Mountaineer Guardian safety awards.
He said in his confirmation announcement, and repeated at the WVCA symposium, that the suit is just one of "several" legal actions that the producer will take to preserve low-cost electricity and protect miners' livelihoods.
During the West Virginia Coal Association's (WVCA) 40th Annual West Virginia Mining Symposium, held March 6-8, numerous mining companies were recognized for their commitment to the environment and others for their safety efforts throughout 2012.
Two presenters, Todd Wynn, of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and Chris Hamilton, senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association (WVCA), analyzed the forces aligned against coal from a national perspective and what can be done about it.