WVDEWest Virginia Department of Education
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From these conversations, WVDE developed and presented the "Big Hearts, Give Tiny Homes" idea to student leadership groups; twelve schools stepped forward and agreed to construct 15 tiny homes, complete with furnishings and everyday essentials.
Prior to coming to the WVDE, Clinton served as assistant superintendent of Wayne County Schools, as well as CTE director of the Spring Valley Career Technical Education Center.
Seeking a more affordable solution, over the years the WVDE explored the concept of auto-grading, which meant programming computers to scan and grade student essays.
For the first three months of 2013 alone, the system had already scored about 500,000 essays for the 180,000 students that the WVDE serves.
To ensure scoring reliability and validity, WVDE conducts an annual review by 50 to 60 teachers who are trained on the scoring rubric and who then spend several days hand-scoring student papers that have already been scored by WV Writes.
The original WVDE regulations also stated that students who were economically different or disadvantaged; whose native language was not English; or who were disabled could be eligible for services for gifted students on the basis of either a Verbal or Performance IQ of two or more standard deviations above the mean on a comprehensive test of intellectual ability with consideration of 1.0 standard error of measurement.
A secondary question of interest in this study was who would have qualified under the previous WVDE regulation providing for HUGS who did not qualify under the county's new policy.
Although the use of IQ tests was not the only means of selection, scoring well on IQ tests was a necessity for qualifying for educational services designed for gifted students in the rural school district in which this study was conducted, even though a revision of the WVDE regulations would have allowed the use of other measures.
The WVDE has a long history of recognizing the role of teachers as important stakeholders in school health, and the active involvement of local teachers was deemed essential to this process.
The WVDE has been participating in SCASS-HEAP since 1993.
Although the national SCASS-HEAP project developed a variety of assessment approaches, the WVDE HEAP team decided to conduct the assessment using only the selected responses item format.