WVMWhite Van Man
WVMWireless Vulnerability Management (network security software)
WVMWisconsin Veterans Museum (Madison, WI)
WVMWest Virginia Mountaineers (West Virginia University; Morgantown, WV)
WVMWerkplaats Voor Medezeggenschap (Dutch: Workshop Participation; business training; Netherlands)
WVMWater Vending Machine
WVMWitte Van Moort BV (Netherlands)
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She said all candidates endorsed by the WVM, except for Sen.
of Wisconsin, WVM. The entry for July 5, 1887, further illuminates the voice of the Confederate cause as a "language of ingratitude and a disregard of the facts of history."
Not only did every family find a sponsor, but WVM was also able to expand the program owing to the generosity of individuals and families within the Mission.
WVM also tends to have a high opinion of himself and his driving.
wholesale vehicle market (WVM) is normalizing following strong performance in recent years.
Her first column for WVM will be published in December in the Soul section of the very popular and award winning magazine.
Extras: 18 Total: 141 all out (59.5 overs) Fall: 1-12, 2-12, 3-17, 4-21, 5-26, 6-36, 7-79, 8-112, 9-141 Bowling: WVM Jones 16 8 23-4, U.Arif 22 7 56-4, SP White 3 1 10-0, NJ Lamb 7 2 19-1, BJ Frazer 9 3 16-1, KS Toor 2 1 4-0 Hertfordshire 2nd innings: DJ Blacktopp run out (Hymers) 45, EC Ballard b Cant 133, KS Toor LBW Phillips 28, NV Jeyaratnam LBW b Craigs 35, JE Southgate b Cant 51, BJ Frazer ct Harding b Phillips 24, WVM Jones b Phillips 50, NJ Lamb stmpd Cragg b Phillips 22, SP White ct Cragg b Phillips 0, CE Stewart not out 2, U.Arif stmpd Cragg b Cant 1.
Catherine Jones raises an eyebrow at the WVM's own list of highway horrors
WVM is modern, informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining.
SCOREBOARD Hertfordshire First Innings: DJ Blacktopp ct Craigs b Hymers 14, EC Ballard LBW b Craigs 46, KS Toor LBW b Hymers 0, NV Jeyaratnum b Craigs 2, JE Southgate ct Harding b Hymers 53, NJ Lamb b Craigs 0, BJ Frazer LBW b Craigs 37, WVM Jones ct Phillips b Harding 33, CE Stewart stmpd Cragg b Hymers 4, SP White b Hymers 6, U.