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WVMRWater Vapor Mixing Ratio
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[31] found that WVMR in the UTLS over the northern Tibetan Plateau in March and April is relatively higher than over the surrounding regions at the same latitude and also detected that a region of low WV values existed from May to September in the upper troposphere at around 200 hPa over the western Tibetan Plateau.
In order to facilitate mapping and analysis, the WVMR data were taken with a resolution of 0.5[degrees] x 0.5[degrees] on a latitude-longitude grid.
Figure 8 shows the variation trends of WVMR at 100, 147, and 215 hPa over the plateau (28[degrees]N-40[degrees]N, 75[degrees]E- 105[degrees]E) from 2005 to 2016.