WVTMWharton Virtual Test Market (Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania research project)
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The size and demographics of the WVTM compare favorably with other samples of Web users recruited online, such as the regular Georgia Tech Graphics, Visualization & Usability (GVU) Center surveys of the Internet population (www.gvu.gatech.edu/gvu/user_surveys/) [5, 9] and random sampling, such as the Media Metrix panel (www.media metrix.com/).
We took steps to ensure that all respondents answered the WVTM questionnaire only once by, for example, using cookie technology to record whether or not they had already completed and submitted their responses, minimizing the possibility of collecting multiple entries from the same person.
participating in the WVTM with the percentages in other surveys and to the percentage in the overall U.S.
The WVTM panel includes participants from 82 countries; see Table 1 for a breakdown by continent.
Only 2.9% of WVTM members say they look for product information, using the Internet less than once a week.
The survey asked members of the WVTM sample whether they had ever bought anything online.
We asked members of the WVTM who bought things online how many online transactions they had made during the past six months and the value of their most recent online transactions.
Figure 3 shows the distribution of the WVTM annual purchase value.
First, we isolated the subsample of online buyers from the WVTM and again split this subsample in half randomly, using double cross-validation.
To show that these influences are also predictive of online buying behavior by people who are not members of the WVTM, we ran similar regressions using data from the ninth GVU survey (collected April-May 1998) [5].