WVTRWater Vapor Transmission Rate
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As such, over the years, numerous technologies have been proposed and developed to meet this WVTR. In general, thus far, a multi-layer structure has mainly been utilized.
Unlike film A, a significant increase in oxygen transmission rates (OTRs) and water vapor transmission rates (WVTRs) occurred for films B and C due to the longer processing time of MAPS (52 minutes) compared to thermal processing (36 minutes).
The water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) of the dressing was examined using BS EN 13726-2:2002, Part 2: the moisture vapour transmission rate of permeable film dressings with slight modifications [11].
There was a decrease in the solubility, moisture absorption, UV light transmission, WVP, WVTR, OP, and the OTR of the P/AG films with ZnO-NPs compared to the films without them.
A sufficiently low free-volume for the graphene-based barrier material will result in both low oxygen transmission rates (OTRs) and low water vapor transmission rates (WVTRs).
The tests including weight variation, thickness, folding endurance, flatness, drug content, swelling index, percentage weight increase due to swelling, percentage erosion, moisture content, moisture uptake, WVTR, WVP, in vitro dissolution studies and in vitro skin permeation studies were done in triplicate.
It was revealed that the obtained blend films containing PEG of 0.25% and 0.5% resulted in an increased the elongation%, but tensile strength (TS) and water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) were decreased.
The transient WVTR was measured using a WVTR instrument ([Permatran-W.sup.3/33], Mocon, Minneapolis, MN, USA) at 25[degrees]C, 37.8[degrees]C, and 50[degrees]C.
Tekni-Plex chose Systech Illinois' WVTR and OTR Instruments to analyze these laminates for their required moisture and oxygen barrier.
Water vapour transmission rate (WVTR) was measured according to EN ISO 15106-3 (CEN, 2005) using a Brugger Feinmechanik GmbH instrument.
The weight of the vials was noted down at every 24 hours to calculate weight loss per day and WVTR were calculated as mentioned in earlier methods using equation 1 [12].