WVVWinschoter Voetbal Vereniging (Dutch: Winschoten Soccer Association; Winschoten, Netherlands)
WVVWillamette Valley Vineyards (also seen as WVVI; Turner, OR)
WVVWestdeutscher Volleyball-Verband eV
WVVWerkgroep Vluchtelingen Vrij (Dutch: Refugee Working Group)
WVVWorld Vision Vietnam (est. 1960)
WVVWhole Virus Vaccine (immunology)
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As a provider of power, mobility, and environmental services, WVV keeps the region around the German city Wurzburg, moving.
Previously WVV had two different systems which were used for the Internet and the intranet.
"We think about every aspect of how we can walk as softly as possible in pursuing our goal of making world-class Pinot Noir," Jim Bernau, founder and president of WVV, said in a statement.
Another WVV stockholder, Nancy Manula, a partner in a Corvallis construction company, will travel to Japan as an ambassador for the winery during the Kawagoe festival in October.
A Yamaha YB100 motorbike, WVV 734W, was stolen from Vale View, Stockingford.
Contract notice: Tender electricity wvv euskirchen-swisttal (wes) 2019-2020
- Draining grease traps, including transportation to disposal sites (Environment depots or other WVV designated locations);
Until the next industrial cleaning, standard operations (recurring and non-recurring services) are included - Emptying grease traps, including transportation to disposal sites (Environment depots or other designated locations WVV)- Cleaning and skimming equipment such as bulky waste removers, sand traps and settlers,- Inspect and unclog pipes (incidentally based foam pigging)- Emptying the gullies and the (ground) sewage,- Disposal of liquid sludge and afwater on the premises as a result of a disaster,- On an occasional basis (annual average) fat removal from voorbezinktanks,- Occasional projects in the framework of project realization.