WVZWirtschaftliche Vereinigung Zucker (German)
WVZWet Verontreiniging Zeewater (Dutch: Seawater Pollution Act)
WVZWirtschafts-Verkehrs-Zentrum (German: Economic Trade Center)
WVZWestern Volcanic Zone (geology)
WVZWorld Vision Zambia (development organization; World Vision International)
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all necessary internals for electrical and traffic engineering part) in cabinets provided by the customer and assemble them ready to use, - manufacture and assembly of all variable message signs, - production of all facilities for traffic data acquisition, on the main carriageway as inductive loops, in the connection points as radar detectors, - cabling between sst and wvz (energy and data) and commissioning.
WvZ: Cameras have about as much to do with hunting prowess as a BlackBerry with business acumen.
wvz, one sub-center, 11 traffic sign bridges, 55 display cross sections in the tunnel, four half barriers, 6 barrier systems for operating access roads and connection points associated sst on the line and in the tunnel; 52 jet fans and 2 axial fans incl.