WWARWell Worth a Read
WWARWorld Wide Arts Resources (website)
WWARWhite Women Against Racism
WWARWorld Wide Auto Racing (now Automobile Racing Club of America)
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(1.) Adam Darowski, "There's a Hall of Tamer in Every Lineup", The Hall of wWAR, July 30, 2012, http://darowski.com/hall-of-wwar/hofpct/.
Watco names Thompson WWAR operations director Western Australia Rail (WWAR) named Darrell Thompson as operations director.
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- World Wide Arts Resources recently launched a new service for gallery owners and dealers wanting to market art and artists on its sites absolutearts.com and wwar.com.
Margaret painstakingly researched every the service personnel from the Huddersfield area killed in the First WWar - and by the end had amassed 3,439 names
COLUMBUS, Ohio--World Wide Arts Resources (wwar.com) and www.absolutearts.com recently launched the Premiere Portfolio, a diverse collection of contemporary artworks.
COLUMBUS, Ohio--World Wide Arts Resources/ absolutearts.com (wwar.com or www.absolutearts.com) has expanded its services for artists with the Premiere Artist Portfolio.