WWDRWorld Water Development Report
WWDRWorldwide Developer Relations (Apple Inc.)
WWDRWorld Wide Disaster Relief (Christian search and rescue)
WWDRWatershed-Wide Waste Discharge Requirement (California)
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But with the population expected to grow -- the WWDR predicts that by 2050 there will be 9.3 billion people, 33 percent more than in 2011 -- the world's water resources are likely to come under increasing pressure.
Alli, las Naciones Unidas, a traves de una serie de agencias, presentaron el primer Informe sobre el Desarrollo de los Recursos Hidricos en el Mundo (WWDR), publicado cada tres anos junto con el Foro Mundial dei Agua.
(13) Kathy Putnam (Wechsel horn, WWDR Symphonieorchester Koln) in an interview with the author, September 2009.
Its primary product, the World Water Development Report (WWDR), is a periodic, comprehensive review providing an authoritative picture of the state of the world?s freshwater resources.
UN Water endorses activities like the UNESCO-led World Water Assessment Programme (WWAP), which has since 2003 published a triennial World Water Development Report (WWDR).