WWFDWhat Would Fonzie Do?
WWFDWhat Would Fred Do?
WWFDWhat Would Favetti Do?
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Last year, the WWFD responded to 6,985 fire, EMS, and rescue calls (Total EMS dispatched for 2015 was 5,646.
Thus modified, Berger's theory seems to be a WWFD theory--What Would the Founders Do?
14, 1997, at various times on WNBC, WABC, WCBS, WNYW (FOX), WLNY, and WVVH in New York; on WPBF (ABC), WPTV (NBC), WFLX (FOX), and WTVX in West Palm Beach; and on WSVN (FOX), and WBFS, WDZL, and WWFD in Miami.