WWFHWomen Working from Home
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Breakfast: 1 medium skinless chicken breast, grilled, 1 medium jacket potato, steamed carrots & broccoli, 1 warmed Scotch pancake, 1 scoop WWFH vanilla ice dessert.
Dinner: Three slices roast chicken, two roast potatoes, one tbs bread sauce, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, gravy from three tsp powder, one portion of sugar-free jelly, WWFH vanilla yoghurt and 125ml wine.
In addition, WWFH cashed in on another key trend--premiumisation--with the launch of Taste Temptations, a range of indulgent frozen ready-meals and desserts.
In a further move, MB has also tied up with Weight Watchers From Heinz and is launching two low fat cakes under the WWFH label.
Blue livery is carried on the cap to create a clearly colour-coded WWFH range.