WWJD?What Would Janeway Do?
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After Ava posted WWJD? on her site, a woman from Atlanta repeatedly sent her emails that said, "Call me as soon as possible about a possible threat to your life." When Ava and her parents called the number from an untraceable phone, the woman asked Ava whom she was working for.
This year Christian book shops have been swamped with BB nuts looking for WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelets after Cameron mentioned that all the young folk in his church wore them.
WWJD? YOU'VE SEEN this bumper sticker designed by the Republican legislative leadership, haven't you?
WWJD? That phrase could have been Billy Crystal's mantra throughout his seven appearances as Oscar host; like Carson, Crystal knows how to poke fun at movie stars without bruising delicate egos (the key is to let them think they're being flattered).
Signs often bore scriptural messages, and one playfully queried George Bush, WWJD? Speakers read letters from family members of September 11 victims who did not want war in the name of their loved ones.
BILL: You've heard of WWJD? In beach fashion, a good rule to go by is WWPD (What Would Pamela Do?).
"The popularity of the WWJD? paraphernalia may rest precisely on the willingness--perhaps eagerness--of the sellers to leave the question's answer to individual purchasers," Simmons points out.
A lot of young people today wear the letters WWJD? (What would Jesus do?) on bracelets, bumper stickers, and buttons.
As a fashion statement, WWJD? bracelets may be preferable to lip piercing.
As a general rule, people wearing crosses or WWJD? (What Would Jesus Do?) buttons look at us disapprovingly no matter what we do, as if they were confusing waitressing with Mary Magdalene's original profession.
Wills reminds us that Jesus was not just a nice guy who always did the right thing, as the "WWJD?" bracelets suggest.
The first was in the settling of the nation; and the second was in the 1990s when the WWJD? craze swept the country and brought Jesus home.