WWSCWestern Washington State College
WWSCWashington Water Service Company (Washington)
WWSCWichita Water Ski Club
WWSCWest Wimmera Shire Council (Victoria, Australia)
WWSCWisconsin Water Science Center (USGS)
WWSCWireless Web Systems Certification
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To conduct long term follow up of PN who had participated in specific education and training WWSC which assessed the impact on their roles as PN, their utilisation of skills learned during the course, barriers to utilising these skills, and areas where further training was needed.
An anonymous postal survey was sent in March 2008 to all 292 participants who had completed the WWSC from 2003 to 2007(n=292).
One hundred respondents (76%) indicated their role had expanded since completing the WWSC. Respondents were asked to describe how their role had changed (open-ended response, more than one response allowed).
Compared to PN working in practices that had one or more female GP, PN working in all-male practices were significantly more likely to perform one or more Pap test per week, ([x.sup.2] = 15.03, 1df, p<0.001), and significantly more likely to report that their clinic role had expanded since completing the WWSC ([chi square]=7.52, 1df, p=0.006).
90 respondents (69%) reported they needed further education in some areas of clinical practice since completing the WWSC. Seventy eight of these respondents (80%) described areas where further education was needed (open-ended response, more than one response allowed), and of these 27 (35%) indicated two or more areas (table 4).
The WWSC targets PN working in rural, regional and metropolitan locations, and the results indicated that a high proportion of PN from outside the major cities of NSW participated in the survey.
It was encouraging that 76% of respondents indicated their role had expanded after completion of the WWSC, with PN reporting performing more Pap tests and women's health checks, and providing more information and education to patients since completing the WWSC.
The WWSC con is just the latest in a series of lottery scams in Britain which are netting crooks an estimated pounds 10 million a year.
The offer surfaced in March as the Browns are in the early stages of a lawsuit brought on by W&W Steel's holding company, WWSC Acquisition Corp.
"The representations of the financial projections were critical to the assessment of the value of the company and its outstanding shares to be acquired by WWSC," W&W said.
Alleghany Capital Corporation reported on Wednesday the acquisition of Hirschfeld Industries group of companies by WWSC Holdings LLC for an undisclosed value.