WYDSWater Year Data Summary (report; Minnesota Department of Natural Resources)
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Two inspiring young people presented their experiences of the WYD Cross.
The next speaker--Sebastien Lacroix from Sherbrooke, Quebec--revealed his insight into the extraordinary works of the WYD Cross, which he accompanied for a week's time.
Thomas Rosica, the national director and CEO of WYD 2002, pointed out that it was no coincidence that the relics of St.
During the discussion period, Cardinal Stafford responded to the question of how best to prepare oneself for WYD. Much of the youth leaders' work would be hidden, he said, just as the work of Joseph and Mary in Nazareth was hidden.
The completed Inukshuk stone sculpture will stand approximately 30 feet high in Battery Park, Toronto, as a legacy and souvenir of the WYD. It will be visible from Lake Ontario, the Martin Goodman Trail and Lakeshore Blvd.
On Saturday, January 12, organizational sessions continued, as the youth leaders learned more about transportation, housing, volunteer work and WYD promotion.
Foreign delegates went home with a flame of excitement, which caught on and encouraged numerous youth to sign up for WYD. Immediately, registration figures for WYD went up from 70,000 to 90,000 within just a week.
* EWTN will be broadcasting WYD updates Thursday evenings on their "Life on the Rock" youth program.
* Excerpts of the WYD 2002 song can be heard at the Oregon Catholic Press web site, through which CDs may be purchased as of March onwards.
Groups can register online at the WYD web site: www.wyd2002.org.
* As air fare is an additional major expense for most WYD participants, pilgrims are also asked to each donate $10 U.S.
* Twenty-five thousand volunteers will be needed to make WYD 2002 happen.