WYECWest Yorkshire Ecumenical Council (UK)
WYECWandsworth Youth Enterprise Centre (UK)
WYECWest Yorkshire Employer Coalition (UK)
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We are therefore pleased to have WYEC as a partner in this important newbuild project, says Mr.
A ceremony marking the start of construction was held on October 21, and was attended by management and sales personnel from WYEC.
This is an important order that will strengthen WYECs position in Chinas marine industry.
After TRY, ASHRAE constructed the WYEC and IWEC data sets, which include solar insolation data.
In a comparison of TRY, TMY, TMY2, TMY3, and WYEC selection methods, the weather models constructed correlated well with the averages for the reference 30 years of observed hourly weather data.
When the same building simulation was run for varying typical weather year data sets (TRY, TMY and TMY2, WYEC and WYEC2) and compared against a simulation using the average from 30 years of observed weather data (1961-1990), it was found that TRY varied the most from the 30-year averages.
Church leaders who will be attending today's signing ceremony include the Bishop of Ripon and Leeds the Rt Rev John Packer, the Rt Rev Arthur Roche, of the Roman Catholic Church, chairman of the Methodist Church in Leeds the Rev Michael Townsend, Moderator of the United Reformed Church the Rev Arnold Harrison, Regional Minister of the Baptist Church the Rev Ernie Whalley, Pastor Gloria Hanley of the West Yorkshire African-Caribbean Council of Churches, and Eva Pinthus, this year's chair of the WYEC, representing the Quaker movement.
Dr Stephanie Rybak, executive secretary to the WYEC, said: "If people of goodwill do not vote, there is a real danger that candidates with extremist views can be elected by a minority.
It should be noted that the WYEC notation gives irradiance values in kJ x [m.sup.-2], whereas, as noted above, these are the units of irradiation.
There is not a very good relationship between daily global solar irradiation plotted against the coincident dry-bulb temperature for the same June for Chicago from the WYEC. The correlation coefficient is 0.098 (see Table 1), which is not significant.
Table 2 shows the top seven days from WYEC for Chicago selected on average global irradiation.
There is a wide variation in the maximum (top seven) days from the WYEC for Chicago selected on daily average dry-bulb temperature and the top seven days from the WYEC for Chicago selected on average global irradiation.