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WYFFWestport Youth Film Festival
WYFFWe're Your Friend Four (Greenville, SC NBC television affiliate)
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"When he came back, he was totally different," Lollis said to the Times, "and we knew that he was on a lot of medication." Crout told WYFF that Inman "was never the same after" the surgery.
McCormick had been with the station since 2007, first as a reporter and later as anchor of two Sunday broadcasts, WYFF said.
Jane Harrison, assistant superintendent for Anderson District 1, told WYFF that Houston had "an exemplary record of teaching performance", but chose to retire "of her own accord".
"I'm just scared," Meredith said through tears as she was interviewed by WYFF. "I don't even want her to go to school now."
Schmidt, medical director of the GHS Children's Hospital, sent WYFF a statement saying, "A thorough review of the medical files will show that treatment this child received while under our care was consistent with the highest standards of medical practice and medical ethics."
At WYFF in Greenville, where the news department produced an aggressive series of reports about political advertising, News Director Andy Still and reporter Brad Willis say they got more viewer response than for anything else they've ever done.
(5) Iohn Reynys and Emme, the wyff of Roberd Reynys, made a covenaunt with Cecilie Grene of Hemlyngton in the name of Roberd Reynys of Acle.
Speaking to (https://www.wyff4.com/article/5-dogs-attack-woman-attending-funeral-owner-arrested-officers-say/26951574) WYFF News 4, the victim, from Virginia, said she was at the funeral for her brother-in-law when the incident took place.
She had just bought a new truck, she told WYFF, and was fixing a bumper sticker to the back window of the new ride: "women who behave rarely make history."
- Recently, the Westport Youth Film Festival (WYFF) Board of Directors - high school students from five different schools throughout Fairfield County - camped out at the Weston Public Library to screen over 200 high school student film submissions from around the world that were submitted to the 2011 WYFF Festival, and choose the best entries for WYFF's Official Festival Selection.
8) Of this my Testament I make and ordeyn the said Alys my wyff my Executrice alone.
While 'Elizabeth the wyff of Robert Davy of Norwiche Grosser' was becoming aware that 'there was a man hurt and wounded at her gate whome for pyttye sake shee tooke into comforte hym' and 'Margerye the wyff of Thoma<.> Bloome' likewise 'founde a man in a blewe cote ly bleedinge At mr Atkyns backgate and shee went to hym and stopped his wounde', Syngar was reassuring Browne: 'be of good Chere', he said, 'for yf all this matter bee layed on the thowe shalt haue what ffrendshipe we can procure thee'.