WYNOTWyoming New Options in Technology
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(20) On these tactics in general, see Wynot, Keeping the Faith.
Indeed, Lisovoi concludes--as does Wynot in speaking of the Soviet period (see below)--that repression often results in unleashing spiritual energies within Orthodoxy.
Jennifer Wynot's monograph on monasticism during the early Soviet period, Keeping the Faith, is less about the persecution of the Church than about how it survived.
(39) The second chapter deals with the period of the Revolution and Civil War (1917-22); Wynot's construction of events mostly follows John S.
Jennifer Wynot Metropolitan State College of Denver
Wynot, Warsaw between the World Wars: Profile of the Capital City in a Developing Land, 1918-1939 (Boulder, CO: East European Monographs, 1983).
(3.) For more on the phenomenon of monastery communes, see Wynot, "Keeping the Faith."
Jennifer Wynot is an assistant professor in the Department of History at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.
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