WYSIATIWhat You See Is All There Is
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* The System 1 phenomenon of WYSIATI might play a role in the evaluation of discounted cash flow models by market participants and appraisers.
WYSIATI means that you don't allow for what you don't know.
GMJ: Can you give me an example of how WYSIATI works in practice?
We are content with What You See Is All There Is (WYSIATI).
"Contrary to the rules of philosophers of science, who advise testing hypotheses by trying to refute them, people (and scientists, quite often) seek data that are likely to be compatible with the beliefs they currently hold." WYSIATI is fast thinking, and in the world of cybersecurity, this fast thinking can result in having faith in actions that do little to improve cybersecurity.
WYSIATI and Cognitive Ease are truly super villains.
Your gut will be telling you that no additional information is necessary (WYSIATI).
This is a perfect illustration of WYSIATI. Limited information has been put together to tell a coherent story.
For example, the author talks about WYSIATI (what you see is all there is), a term he uses to explain how we generally make sense of the world--often with success but sometimes to our detriment.
WYSIATI helps us to quickly size up new situations and make correct snap judgments based on reality.