WYSIWISWhat You See Is What I See
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The Orchestrator also provides TourGuide with whiteboard-style support for the spatial manipulation of shared objects in a WYSIWIS manner--a feature we used in our scenario to model the collaborative design of Web-page layouts between corporate executives and the content development agency.
The application also helps demonstrate various software capabilities supporting collaboration, including open audio channels, feedback mechanisms, and WYSIWIS design layout.
Our system operates in a relaxed WYSIWIS mode, i.e., each user on the network has the freedom to work on defining schema objects concurrently onto independent portions of the same logical workspace.
In doing this we have relaxed the WYSIWIS criterion further in that while every user on the network shares the same set of objects, the objects need not be in the same position (graphically) on the workspace.
Users are provided with a relaxed WYSIWIS environment in which each user can control the graphical layout of the same schema.
WYSIWIS revised: Early experiences with multi-user interfaces.
This is an example of relaxed as opposed to strict WYSIWIS. Stefik et al.
* Group Interface--Group interfaces are based on techniques such as WYSIWIS and group windows, which require identical or near identical displays.
WYSIWIS creates the impression that members of a group are interacting with shared and tangible objects.
Although strict WYSIWIS would give everyone the same image on their displays, in practice we have found this too limiting and instead use relaxed versions of WYSIWIS [32].
We are now experimenting with various relaxations of the WYSIWIS concept.
Public proposals forms are WYSIWIS, whereas a private form appears only on the machine of the participant who controls it.