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And those who will work in that space, says Oldfield, must "have access to these techniques as early and as widely as possible, because it's really by playing around with these suites of systems and toolkits that you create the correct mindset to design in this space and understand the potential of these new systems." Wysk agrees; he is working with community colleges to prepare a National Science Foundation proposal to develop a technical learning center that prepares students for the manufacturing environment of the future.
"This is something engineers have been trying to talk about and put into the curriculum for a long time," says Wysk. "But it's difficult.
The stakes are high in Wysk's view: "We're talking about a country's ability to create value by manufacturing." Developing that capability will ultimately depend on innovating how we teach and learn.
Wysk said she believed it was a baby and had heard that a mother was in the area, too.
Wysk was with a small group of people wandering through backyards, joking and laughing as they looked for the animals.
Wysk, who holds the Leonhard Chair in Engineering at Penn State, pointed out that the hybrid controller offers any food manufacturer the ability to produce in small batches less expensively than they had been able to with traditional methods.
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Wysk is stationed with the Massachusetts National Guard's 182nd Cavalry out of Middleboro.
Wysk, of Leominster, and his squad have adopted the school as a project of sorts, and he has been trying to drum up donations.
Wysk's project, but that he knows of a handful of units and individuals who have been deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo and have collected donations to help children in those countries.
Wysk said, he had done some research, so he was not surprised to find half-built structures and bullet holes everywhere.