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WZBWissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (German: Social Science Center Berlin; Germany)
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both: WZB Berlin Social Science Center | Research Group Science Policy Studies | Reichpietschufer 50 | 10785 Berlin | Germany
Mattias Kumm, Inge Rennert Professor of Law, New York University; Managing Director of the Center for Global Constitutionalism, WZB Social Science Center Berlin & Research Professor for "Rule of Law in the Age of Globalization" Humboldt University, Berlin.
Likewise, in Germany, the first (2009) and second (2011) "Integration Briefs" (Erster and Zweiter Integrationsindikatorenbericht) were commissioned by the German government to the Institution for Social Research in Cologne (ISG) and the Social Science Research Center in Berlin (WZB), after relevant ministries and experts set a 100 integration indicators under the leadership of the Federal Government Commissioner for Migration, Refugees, and Integration (Brandt and Fincke, 2012).
See, e.g., Roel van Veldhuizen & Joep Sonnemans, Nonrenewable Resources, Strategic Behavior and the Hotelling Rule: An Experiment 7-10 (WZB Berlin Soc.
Currently, he is a visitor in the Rule of Law Centre at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin fur Sozialforschung (WZB) in Berlin, Germany.
Mahmood is presently associated as a Senior Fellow with the Social Sciences Research Centre (WZB) Berlin.
According to Wolfgang Merkel of the Berlin Social Sciences Research Center (WZB), judicial systems, central banks and police forces tend to enjoy higher levels of trust than parliaments and political parties these days.
The company says the new O-ring Counterbore WZB 32112 allows for the quick and easy insertion of O-ring grooves in the injection mould.
Diffusion of ISO 9000 Standards and International Trade, CIG Working Papers SP II 2004-16, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (WZB), Research Unit: Competition and Innovation (CIG).
WZB. "VEIL: Values Equality and Differences in Liberal Democracies, Debates about Female Muslim Headscarves in Europe." WZB Project, http://www.wzb.eu/en/research/civil-society-conflicts-and-democracy/migration-and-integration/projects/veil-values-equality-and-dif (accessed February 20, 2012).