WZLWijf Zonder Lijf
WZLWojskowe Zaklady Lotnicze (Polish: Military Aviation Works)
WZLWarm Zones Limited (UK)
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WZL engineer Gerald Muller described their use of simultaneous engineering, but acknowledged that this approach takes more total engineering time.
Dr Mathias Gross, a WZL engineer in production management, said the idea here is to combine order-planning, customer wishes, and customer-neutral planning and processing in one localized group.
Wherever possible, the WZL team uses force-measurement sensors, mounted as closely as possible to the cutting site, usually in the tool-holder or spindle nose, not within the spindle itself.
Dr Wilfried Konig, a WZL director and Chair of their Technology of Production Processes, is puzzled about the slow acceptance of cermets.
One solution WZL has found is the use of intermediate layers of titanium nitride or titanium carbonitride.
As coating techniques get more complex and multi-element, they will become even more customized to specific applications, WZL feels.
8) Adjust the operation of the verification process requests after on-site inspections and of calculations for cases WZL.
The current upswing in drilling activity internationally combined with the positive reputation of WZL will certainly create new opportunities for growth.