WZOWorld Zionist Organization
WZOWorld Zoroastrian Organisation
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After World War I, Jewish settlement was recognized as an official goal of the British Mandate for Palestine and became the focus of WZO activity.
"This is a historic visit, and the WZO will continue to fight this scourge of anti-Semitic activity," Hagoel said in a statement.
In 1896, WZO founder Theodor Herzl foretold what would happen when he described expelling "the poor population across the border unnoticed".
After his death, Herzl was succeeded by one of his assistants, David Wolfsohn, who placed himself as the head of the Zionist Executive Committee of the WZO. In 1910, the Zionist leadership passed to the adherents of practical Zionism.
As Arabs are aware of the WZO's dangerous role, they need to take action.
These national institutions include the World Zionist Organization (WZO), the Jewish Agency (JA), and, through the Jewish Agency, the Jewish National Fund (JNF) and its subsidiaries.
In the following year, the Austrian, Herzl, founded the World Zionist Organization (WZO), the aim of which was the creation of a Jewish State.
[26] In 1926 he included the twenty-four-year-old in a WZO (World Zionist Organization) delegation to the United States.
Woodrow Wilson consistently supported Zionism(4) and, over the decade of the 1920s, public statements of support were made by Presidents Harding(5) and Hoover(6) as well as Congressmen, Senators, state legislators, etc.(7) In 1922 the Congress passed a resolution in support of "The Recreation of Palestine as the National Home of the Jewish Race."(8) On a nongovernmental level, throughout this decade American Jews and others in sympathy with the Zionist movement donated millions of dollars to organizations set up to funnel funds to The World Zionist Organization (WZO) and its projects in Palestine.(9) All of this was done in the prevailing antisocialist atmosphere described above.(10) Yet simultaneously, in Palestine, Zionism was evolving in a manifestly socialist direction.
WZO Vice Chairman Yaakov Hagoel said the recent upswing in anti-Semitism in the US is a result of US President Donald Trump's support of Israel, and not from the people's hate of the Jews around him.
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