WZOWorld Zionist Organization
WZOWorld Zoroastrian Organisation
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After his death, Herzl was succeeded by one of his assistants, David Wolfsohn, who placed himself as the head of the Zionist Executive Committee of the WZO.
After the death of Herzl in 1904, Weizmann became the leader of the WZO.
The report, subsequently published for "private circulation" among the leadership of the WZO, ZOA, and Palestinian labor movement, proved embarrassing for many Zionist officials and provoked a public outcry.
25) WZO funds should only go into "profitable investments," only immigrants with investment capital should be encouraged to go to Palestine and strict accounting practices should keep track of every penny spent.
The WZO was charged with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing the political, financial, and development strategies of the Zionist movement in the diaspora and Palestine.
Israel Levy-grand Rabin de France, Nachum Sokolow- chairman of the Zionist Executive who later succeeded Weizmann as president of the WZO, and Menachem Ussishkin -- chairman of Keren Kayemet.
The WZO was given the private Palestinian land and leased it to the settlers.
The JNF funds Canada Park, established on three Palestinian villages in the West Bank,and the WZO is widely regarded as being implicated in the establishment of the outposts.
He is currently a member of the Board of Govenors and Zionist Executive of the Jewish Agency and serves as Chairman of the WZO, American Section.
In the event, Truman, the former front man for the Kansas City machine, recognized and funded Israel, and the Palestinians became the victims of America and the WZO, each with its inglorious record of failure to rescue European Jewry.
Finally, the WZO happily agreed to pass the medical work back to Hadassah and thereby restore to the women control over their own work.
The WZO saw Hitler's victory in much the same way as its German affiliate, the ZVfD [the German Zionist Organization]: not primarily as a defeat for all Jewry, but as positiveAa proof of the bankruptcy of assimilation and liberalism.