WZOWorld Zionist Organization
WZOWorld Zoroastrian Organisation
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21) Its small group of young founders settled in 1910 on WZO land as a "Conquest Group" (Kvutzat Kibush), combining collective consumption and production.
After his death, Herzl was succeeded by one of his assistants, David Wolfsohn, who placed himself as the head of the Zionist Executive Committee of the WZO.
Un tercer paso comprendio la resolucion del Octavo Congreso en 1907 para convertir la Comision Palestina en la Palastina-Ressort, un departamento desarrollado de la WZO para asuntos palestinos, bajo la direccion de Otto Warburg, y subsecuentemente la creacion de Palastina-Amt (Oficina Palestina) en Jaffa, bajo la direccion de Arthur Ruppin (6).
Herzl accepted the Uganda offer, and submitted it for ratification by the WZO Congress, but it was rejected.
26] In 1926 he included the twenty-four-year-old in a WZO (World Zionist Organization) delegation to the United States.
Further, because working class immigrants were largely without resources, the WZO would have to subsidize them in Palestine by job creation and the maintenance of high pay scales.
WZO Vice Chairman Yaakov Hagoel said the recent upswing in anti-Semitism in the US is a result of US President Donald Trump's support of Israel, and not from the people's hate of the Jews around him.
Newman (Jerusalem: WZO Department for Torah Education and Culture, fourth revised ed.
WZO has a large budget raised principally from Keren Hayesod, and the Jewish Agency plays a key role in facilitating economic development and absorption of immigrants as well as assisting in Jewish education.
The use of these tax-deductible dollars, collected from Canadian tax-payers, is being challenged by activists in Canada in the hope that this will lead, as editor and contributor Professor Uri Davis says, 'to the removal of the JNF from the Canadian Registrar of Charities; to the nullification of the JNF tax exempt status in Canada; and to the classification of the JNF, together with all such bodies that are formally affiliated to the WZO and JA [the Jewish Agency for the Land of Israel] as illegal organizations in Canada.
The WZO was charged with the responsibility of coordinating and implementing the political, financial, and development strategies of the Zionist movement in the diaspora and Palestine.
Israel Levy-grand Rabin de France, Nachum Sokolow- chairman of the Zionist Executive who later succeeded Weizmann as president of the WZO, and Menachem Ussishkin -- chairman of Keren Kayemet.