WZSWork Zone Safety (Department of Transportation; various locations)
WZSWeissenbacher-Zweymuller Syndrome
WZSWege Zur Sozialversicherung (German: Towards Social Security; magazine)
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In each scenario some features are more (or less) important than others, and the proximity in dimensions corresponding to these features has a greater impact on the attribution of WZs to certain clusters.
Since the predicted probability of collision in each quantile is computed by dividing the number of work zones with a collision occurrence by the total number of WZs in the quantile, when there are not enough WZs in a quantile, even a single collision can significantly change predictions.
Suppose that this agency has a list of planned maintenance work for the following day and is interested in deploying a fixed number of response units to tackle collisions that may happen within these WZs. Clearly, we can assign these WZs to the clusters derived in the previous section and consequently estimate collision probability for each of the WZs scheduled for the following day (Figure 9).
In this illustrative example we randomly sample the 40 WZs that were used to test the clustering methodology and pretend they represent the maintenance work scheduled for the following day.
We presented the first application of clustering in the analysis of WZ collisions, which involved a large dataset of over 54,000 WZs in Maryland.
The proposed clustering method has certain limitations corresponding to the number of quantiles, so in some cases it may be used for classification of WZs rather than to predict the exact collision probabilities.
The mean body weight of 6 months old is higher than that of WZS minipigs bred in original region (8.41 [+ or -] 2.13 kg) [17], but it is lower than that of WZS minipigs bred in Beijing, nonoriginal region (13.43 [+ or -] 3.27 kg) [18].
The mean values of body height, body length, chest depth, chest breadth, chest circumference, abdomen circumference, shank circumference, buttocks length, buttocks breadth, head length, forehead breadth, jaw width, caudal length, and caudal circumference of six-month-old WZS minipigs are as follows: 32.64 [+ or -]
These data are a little higher than the values of WZS minipigs bred in original region and lower than the values of WZS minipigs bred in Beijing.
Results show that WZS minipigs have the biological characteristics of small size and slow growing.
The sexual mature time of males is earlier than that of females in WZS minipigs.
Tables 6 and 7 present the background data of hematology and blood biochemistry for outbred WZS minipigs aged from 2 to 12 months and this range of ages represents the main range encountered in toxicological and biological studies [2, 3, 20].