WZSWork Zone Safety (Department of Transportation; various locations)
WZSWeissenbacher-Zweymuller Syndrome
WZSWege Zur Sozialversicherung (German: Towards Social Security; magazine)
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Results show that WZS minipigs have the biological characteristics of small size and slow growing.
The sexual mature time of males is earlier than that of females in WZS minipigs.
Tables 6 and 7 present the background data of hematology and blood biochemistry for outbred WZS minipigs aged from 2 to 12 months and this range of ages represents the main range encountered in toxicological and biological studies [2, 3, 20].
Seventy-four healthy WZS minipigs (43 males and 31 females) aged from 5 to 20 months were chosen to determine 6 organs weights and organ coefficients.
Sun and Lu [23] had reported some pork characteristics of WZS minipigs based on 3 young and 3 adult minipigs [23].
In conclusion, we report the detailed biological characteristics of outbred WZS minipigs cultivated for more than ten years.
Wang, "The analysis and fitting on growth curves of Chinese WZS minipig," Sichuan College of Animal Science & Veterinary Medicine, vol.