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WAHOWest African Health Organisation (ECOWAS)
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Ka noho Uru ka noho i a Ngangana; Puta mai ki waho ra ko Te Aotu, Ko Te Aohore, ko Hinetuahoanga Ko Tangaroa
a) strengthening epidemiological surveillance and notifying WAHO of cases in order to facilitate regional coordination,
In particular, I especially thank HH Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa al-Thani, for his acceptance as patron of this WAHO 2014 Qatar Conference.
Organized under the auspices of the West African Health Organisation (WAHO) and hosted by Liberia for the first time, the two-day meeting has brought together Ministers of Health from the ECOWAS region, representatives of the ECOWAS Commission, United Nations Agencies, technical partners and WAHO staff members, a Health Experts Committee meeting on 8th and 9th April as well a Partners' Forum on 10th April respectively preceded this meeting being presided by Dr.
Doha is the host of this year's WAHO Conference which is being organised by Qatar Racing and Equestrian Club (REC) for the first time in the country.
Since 2004, WAHO has closed arabian stud books to new horses that do not trace to previously accepted horses under the definition, although stud books can be added if they meet the WAHO criteria.
At the Oman meet, a WAHO sub-committee will devise ways to bring about coordination and application of international rules in the field of veterinary requirements and horse
tin[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado] (koreguaje), huaho (muinane), kaadide, kura, huyup (nukak), wisiri (piapoco), wachai (piaroa), ihkino (piratapuyo), waibi (puinave), naxareboboto, (sikuani), waho (siona), i'gano (siriano), vesiriphi (tariano), buno (tatuyo), woku, wooku (tikuna), ihkino (tukano), ihki (tuyuca), mariha, yar[activar tachado]i[deactivar tachado]na (uitoto), kio (wanano), uehiri (yukuna)
Jocelyn Carthew, a 30-year-old Fife county player waho was beaten by Michele Thomson in this year's Scottish women's amateur championship final, has entered the Ladies European Tour Qualifying School at La Manga, Spain in early January.
Sin embargo permanece la dificultad de expandir los conceptos de leyes de conservacion y de la simetria en modelos economicos y financieros, ademas que la idea de la busqueda de leyes de conservacion en el modelo de Black Scholes no es nueva autores como De Leon y Martin de Diego (1997), Ibragimov (1994), Mete (2005), Gazizov e Ibraguimov (1996), Pooe, Mahomed y Waho (2003).
Also in attendance, were representatives from the African Union, NEPAD, UNAIDS, UNIDO, ECOWAS country experts, civil society organisations, High Commission of India and WAHO staff.
Musannn 1552, owned by Al Jasrah, trained by Yousif Taher and to be ridden by Nader A Aziz, is the best bet to win the race for the Waho Cup for Arabian horses which carries a cash prize of BD1,000 and to be run over 1,200 metres straight, starting at 3.