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WAAGWild About Agility Gold Coast (Australia)
WAAGWaveform Acquisition and Arbitrary Generator
WAAGWide-Area ATM Gateway (Sprint)
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Waag Wladislaw, Fleischer Christian, Sauer Dirk Uwe, "Online Estimation of lithium-ion battery impedance parameters using a novel varied-parameters approach.
Former Holland star Helder, 39, has been committed to the De Waag institution in Haarlem.
People who prefer to express themselves in a somewhat formal way may say 'Dat waag ik toch wel ernstig te betwijfelen' [I venture to express my serious doubts about that]; people who profess to be relaxed might let us know that they 'er toch wel even een paar vraagtekens bij willen zetten' [would just like to add a few question marks to it]; whereas the response of no-nonsense people like you and me could be 'Wat is dat nou weer voor onzin?
Some of the pubs are so steeped in history and tradition, like In't Aepjen or In de Waag, that the actual booze is a secondary issue.
As ons sou durf waag om hoer te mik sal die teaterbedryf in Namibie eersdaags oorloop van nie net sterk akteurs nie, maar ook met kragtige regiseurs en vervaardigers," se sy.
The Dutch Waag Society asked Amsterdam residents in 2002 to carry GPS devices to create a similar real-time map.
Ek waag my liewer in 'n Mynramp, of trek drie maal na die front, As om nog eens vir hom 'n seun te baar.
KAREN INGHAM, a senior lecturer in the photography department at Swansea Institute of Higher Education will be presenting a week-long live-streamed arts residency Vanitas from The Waag in Amsterdam this week
Malcolm McKinnon reveals that even in loyal New Zealand, there were dissenters, while Ian van der Waag, in a brilliant historiographical essay, suggests that contestation over the meaning of the war has been integral to modern South African history.
WAAG spokesman Gordon Drury said he was overwhelmed by the public response.
The Coors Brewing Company has contracted for barley from Idaho growers for 34 years, Idaho area manager Bruce Waag said.
In fact, this tendency to yield extreme values has been a leading complaint against [beta] and seems to be one factor behind its ineffectiveness (Jerison, 1967; Jerison, Pickett, & Stenson, 1965; Long & Waag, 1981).