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WAALWisconsin Association of Academic Libraries
WAALWorcester Aluminium Alloys Limited (UK)
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Machar ''cannot declare war on the South Sudan's government from Khartoum,'' Waal said.
In statements to the official news agency SUNA , Waal said the JPSC would discuss ways to implement the cooperation agreements signed between the two countries.
The good news, for de Waal, is that the mechanisms of development and democracy mean that we now have an 'eminently achievable goal of definitively ending famine.
De Waal (and several researchers) have spent serious time in numerous archives.
De Waal underlines that for the first 50 years after 1915, the debate among diaspora Armenians was not about 1915 but about the legitimacy of Soviet Armenia.
Caption: Put on your swimming caps: Pictured with some of the swimmers at the handover of the sponsorship are, Sanet de Waal, Communication Practitioner: Stakeholder Engagement at Bank Windhoek, (seated on left) and Bettina Steffen, President of NASU (standing on right).
De Waal examines Peirce's derivation of the categories and his use of graphs to prove their universal presence in all experience.
I didn't even tell my brother-in-law Edmund de Waal, who's a well known potter and author.
Japanese craft by literally cutting through pieces of original De Waal ceramics.
Dutch/American biologist and atheist Frans de Waal postulates a bottom-up biological approach to the origins of morality in the human species, rather than the top-down version promulgated by religion.
describing a number of serious defects, writes British journalist Thomas de Waal in an article published at Carnegie Endowment site.
Amos, Daisy, Kitty, and Lody, along with many other members of the animal world, are described in expert detail by primatologist Frans de Waal in his latest book, The Bonobo and the Atheist: In Search of Humanism Among the Primates.