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WACEWestern Australian Certificate of Education
WACEWestern Association of Chamber Executives (Sacramento, CA)
WACEWestern Association of Colleges and Employers
WACEWorld Association for Cooperative Education, Inc.
WACEEl Wadi for Exporting Agricultural Products (stock symbol)
WACEWashington Association of Code Enforcement
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At the time of the seizure, Wace had said in an email, "This work of art has been well known to scholars and has a history that spans almost 70 years."
Blackleg severity was significantly higher (P < 0.05) from 2 to 12 WACE in the plots top dressed with ammonium nitrate in both experiments 1 and 2.
Geoffrey Wace Ceciderunt namque ex illis ea [...] laissent chevals, | Fuient par die sex milia, qui partim munz, fuient par vals, | Par les eues fluminibus submersi, partim vunt trebuchant | E mult espessement telis percussi uitam neiant.
The author of the translation was Wace, who was the historiographer of Henry II of England.
The earliest French cleric to produce a poetic version of the Saint Margaret legend in that period was the poet Wace, who is better known for having composed the Roman de Ron and the Roman de Brut.
The increase was primarily attributable to (i) an increase in our pro rata portion of AUM managed by other asset managers in which KKR holds a minority stake, primarily reflecting our long-term strategic partnership with Marshall Wace, (ii) an increase in the fair value of our private equity portfolio (our private equity portfolio appreciated by 4.8% and 14.2% for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2015, respectively) and (iii) new capital raised primarily in Special Situations Fund II, our hedge-fund-of-funds platform and our CLOs.
Paul Marshall, co-founder of London-based Marshall Wace, gave qualified backing for Mr Corbyn's advocacy of so-called "people's quantitative easing (QE)" to boost the economy by funding infrastructure projects.
Starr, New York Timothy Taylor, London' 17- Tomasso Brothers, London Ubu, New York - Van de Wegbe, New York Vedovi, Brussels Rupert Wace, London Offer Waterman & Co., London Weiss, London W&K, Vienna Adam Williams, New York David Zwirnter, New York
Along with Neuberger Berman some of the largest hedge fund managers such as BlueBay Asset Management, Marshall Wace and Brevan Howard are piling into the liquid alternative fund space as demand is on the rise.
These were thinned to one plant per station at three weeks after planting giving a population of 53 333 plants per hectare.Maizefert (7% N: 14% P2O5: 7% K2O: 8.5% S) was applied at 400 kg/ha at planting and Ammonium Nitrate (34.5% N) was split-applied at 400kg/ha at three and sixweeks after crop emergence (WACE).
Trevor Wheatley, who is a consultant lawyer with Wace Morgan Solicitors of Shrewsbury, has taken up the role of chairman of Forces Law.
Summary paragraph: In the future, machines will look after day-to-day execution, while humans will conduct experiments to further refine the trading process, says Nick Nielsen, head of trading, Marshall Wace Asset Management.